Frequently Answered Qustions

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I have a lighter made by “xyz”. Can you repair it?
Usually we can. We repair any brand or type of lighter, of any age. However we can only guarantee a repair after we have received and seen your item.

How much does it cost to repair a lighter?
That depends on the time it takes and the spare parts we use. You can usually expect the following costs:
Standard lighters: between €25 and €55
Premium lighters: between €75 and €110
These rates may differ significantly in individual cases.

Can I order spare parts from you?
No, we don’t sell spare parts. We only perform professional repairs.

I still have warranty on my lighter. Will you repair it for free?
Lighters with a “new purchase” warranty must be returned to the dealer you bought it from.
Any repairs we carry out are guaranteed for six months. If you are unsatisfied with our work or have a complaint, we will improve or correct the repair free of charge. This doesn’t apply to new faults or defects caused by you (e.g. dirt, candle wax or a fall)

If I come in person can I wait for the repair?
No. We process all repairs sequentially. New repair orders are placed at the back of the queue.

How can I submit my article for repair?
First consult our Store Locator to find a service partner or collection point in your area. He will accept your item for repair and send it to us.
If there is no collection point nearby then you will have to print and fill in our repair order form. Place it in a padded envelope or a small cardboard box together with your defective item and send it to
Pipe & Lighter Center
Dorfstrasse 6
21521 Dassendorf

The lighter you repaired doesn’t work.
Law prevents us from sending highly flammable gas and liquids through the post. This means that your lighter is always returned to you without gas or petrol. Don’t adjust anything on your lighter! Refill it, wait a few minutes and your lighter is ready for use.

I can’t get gas into my lighter. What can I do?
Some inlet valves need a special adapter. You can usually locate different adapters in the cap of the gas cartridge. On request, we will gladly supply an appropriate adapter when returning your item to you.