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Do I need to return the old defective mouthpiece when renewing?
Not necessarily but it might help us to select the right spare part. If you don’t send the old mouthpiece and you don’t supply us with a detailed description then we will make manufacture one of our choice.

Do I need to send the pipe bowl when renewing the mouthpiece?
Yes absolutely! Each mouthpiece is individually adapted to fit the pipe bowl.

Can a pipe without filter converted to a 9mm filter?
Not always. The narrowest point of pipe stem must be at least 16mm in diameter. If the stem and mouthpiece are long enough we can convert the pipe to a 9mm filter system. However there is always a small risk of the stem rupturing. We can repair a ruptured stem with a so-called stem ring.
Please note that we do not convert meerschaum pipes.

If I come in person can I wait for the repair?
No. We process all repairs sequentially. New repair orders are placed at the back of the queue.

I have a pipe made by “xyz”. Can you renewing an original mouthpiece?
Usually we can.

How much does it cost to repair a pipe?
That depends on the time it takes and the spare parts we use. You can usually expect the following costs:
Renewing mouthpiece: starting from €21
Complete cleaning: starting from €15
These rates may differ significantly in individual cases.

How can I submit my article for repair?
First consult our Store Locator to find a service partner or collection point in your area. He will accept your item for repair and send it to us.
If there is no collection point nearby then you will have to print and fill in our repair order form. Place it in a padded envelope or a small cardboard box together with your defective item and send it to
Pipe & Lighter Center
Dorfstrasse 6
21521 Dassendorf

I have received or inherited a used pipe. Can it be refurbished?
Yes. A complete refurbishment can sometimes work wonders. We polish the pipe bowl and the mouthpiece, remove some of the crust and clean the flue.

Can you make an acrylic mouthpiece instead of a Ebonite one?
Yes, usually for the same price. And vice versa too!